Soul of the Light / ISIGIN Ruhu
Short Film/Documentary/10'30''/2017 

”If you are seeking for the light, it's inside of you. That is the true love that you share with other people.”
In every Autumn, millions of people praise the light, celebrating the Diwali. The feast where the people enjoy and spend time together comes from a religious tradition. As people celebrate the festival, they actually seek out the soul of the light.

So what is Diwali? 

It's light rather than the darkness, it's hope rather than the hopelessness, it's joy rather than the misery. 
That's the true meaning of Diwali!

Director/Screenwriter/Producer: Umur DaGlI
Executive Producers: Gizem IBAK
Camera:  Ali Yücel, Gizem IBAK, Deniz TombuloGlu
Sound Designer: OGUZ Kabasakal
Editing: Umur DAGLI
Colorist: Umur DAGLI
Poster: Dilara Akbal
Turkish Translate: Lilian Karabacakyan

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