The official music video for Kaan Dinç's track, "Üstüme Gelenler".

Parallel to the lyrics, the music video emphasizes one's change of self THAT comes after being betrayed by people who once were close to one.

The ON-purpose dynamism of the video aims to match the feeling of the stressful search-your-soul process, while the vibrant, contrasting, and overall bold color palette lookS to visualize the aggressive nature of the song.
Directors: Uzay Kabuli, Ali Yücel
Script: Ali Yücel
Creative Producer: EfSan Güzel
Producer: Hazal KöroGlu
DoP, Edit, Grading - Uzay Kabuli
First AD/AC: Kaan SatIlmIS
Styling direction: AySe Koçal
Styling: Öykü Gönül
Grip: Teoman Çotuk
Equipment: DigiOnePlus

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