The official music video for Kat Savvas's "Flames Into The Air".
Have you ever found yourself posing as someone else than you are? Found yourself in flames after you burn the bridges for the sake of being the authentic you?

The video explores the doubts about self-destruction after the flames of rebirth rose into the air.

Different lighting setups symbolize different phases of that very fire, while Kat reflects on herself and her paradoxes.
Video & Post: AlI Yücel
Producers: Asya Kravchenko & Kat Savvas
AD & AC: Kaan SatIlmIS
Choreographer: Liana Khisamova
Dancers: Liana Khisamova & Anastasiia Gagarina
Photographer: Ella Çiçekçiler
Grip: Nikolai Prokofiev
Studio: İnplato Görsel Çözümler

Music & Lyrics: Kat Savvas & Elliott Norman (ELNO)
Producer: Elliott Norman (ELNO)
Mix Engineer: Elliott Norman (ELNO)
Master: Felix Davis at Metropolis Studios

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